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Treasures is one of Las Vegas’ very best venues across the board. With 27,000 square feet of space, the lofty club resembles the kind of ritzy mansion you’d see featured in a movie. Its exterior is lined with marble-like sculptures, gorgeous landscape work, and alluring atmospheric lighting. That said, the interior is the real star of the show.

Treasures might have anywhere between 100 and 200 entertainers during weekend nights. Among the selection you will find something for just about anyone. Once you’ve made your way through the entrance, you’ll be greeted by one of the two unique satellite stages, complete with a gorgeous entertainer putting on only the most riveting of shows. As you continue on, you’ll find your way to the impressive two-story main room, complete with a wonderful view of the primary stage.

The main stage at Treasures is truly unique given its neon pole and floor mounted fans. The famous Marilyn Monroe vent imagery is in full effect here. Also within a short distance is a marble staircase that leads to VIP bars, booths, and rooms along the mezzanine level. 

Naturally, private dances are available with entertainers of your choice. If you happen to make a VIP reservation on the right weekend, you may even encounter the fan favorite Jasmine, an entertainer that seemingly the entire city has been buzzing about significantly.

Of course, Treasures isn’t without its go-to creature comforts. For instance, you can enjoy a fantastic steak dinner during your visit. Many guests have claimed that the cuts rival that of many dedicated steak joints along the entire strip. 

All told, it all adds up to Treasures offering an experience where there’s truly a little bit of something for everyone. If you want the full Vegas experience, this isn’t a place you’ll want to miss.


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