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Nestled within the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, the Aquarium is a captivating and unique attraction that promises to transport visitors into a mesmerizing underwater world. This stunning display of marine beauty is a true testament to the wonders of the ocean, offering an immersive experience that appeals to visitors of all ages.

The Aquarium at Silverton Casino boasts a massive 117,000-gallon saltwater tank that houses an array of exotic and vibrant marine life. As you step into the dimly lit room, you’ll be immediately greeted by the ethereal glow of the tank, which serves as a backdrop for an assortment of meticulously recreated coral reefs. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the delicate swaying of the artificial corals to the carefully selected lighting that mimics the natural sunlight filtering through the ocean depths.

A diverse and awe-inspiring collection of marine species call this tank home. Gliding gracefully through the water, you’ll find species such as mesmerizing angelfish, swift and sleek manta rays, and the ever-fascinating lionfish with their striking venomous spines. Schools of colorful fish create a vibrant tapestry of movement, their scales catching the light and casting flickering patterns around the tank.

One of the most captivating features of the Aquarium is the daily interactive feeding shows. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic marine biologists provide insightful commentary as they feed the inhabitants of the tank. Visitors gather around, their faces illuminated by the ever-changing colors of the underwater spectacle. The feeding shows not only entertain but also educate, offering a glimpse into the behaviors and feeding habits of these magnificent creatures.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, the Aquarium offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the marine life. The “Mermaid Cove” exhibit features skilled performers dressed as enchanting mermaids, gracefully swimming among the fish and captivating the audience with their mesmerizing underwater routines. This enchanting display adds an element of fantasy to the already magical atmosphere of the Aquarium.


What time is the interactive feeding show at?

Daily 1:30PM and 4:30PM

What time is the mermaid show?

Thursday, Friday, Saturday | 12PM – 1:15PM, 2PM – 3:15PM and 5PM – 8:15PM -Sunday | 10:30AM -12:45PM, 2PM – 3:15PM and 5PM – 6:45PM


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