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The Palomino Club holds a very special place among all the adult clubs throughout the city of Las Vegas. This is a smaller strip club that attempts to stay away from the “mega club” look and design that many of the more modern adult clubs are going for nowadays. 

They still managed to stay at the forefront of the many adult clubs throughout Vegas for a wide variety of reasons, one of the big ones being that they are the only club in town that has both fully nude dancers as well as a fully stocked bar serving liquor.

Laws were passed that did not permit both fully nude dancing and a full serving bar, but since The Palomino Club has been in operation since 1969 they were grandfathered in and allowed to operate as they always have. 

The club has used this to their advantage, and because they are able to pull in so much traffic by offering both they are still able to hire many drop dead gorgeous dancers. As of this writing this particular club tends to be strongly focused on more natural looking women, so you aren’t going to find as much of the large fake double D breasts in this club, but you will find a lot of the on and natural dancers looking to make their mark in the city were takes a lot to get attention.

This club also has an exceptional reputation because they really focus on teaching the dancers how to really put on a show via full pole dancing. They don’t just spin around a few times, but they really know how to work the pole and put on a show with a variety of moves like you would expect from the really old school clubs where adult dancers really knew how to work a show.

Take a look next time you are in Sin City and see what the buzz is all about!


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