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The Little Church of the West is a historic wedding chapel located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It’s one of the oldest wedding chapels in Las Vegas, with a rich history dating back to 1942. The chapel is known for its charming architecture, which reflects a Western-style theme, and it has been the venue for numerous celebrity weddings over the years.

Some key features and points of interest about the Little Church of the West include:

  1. Historic Significance: The chapel’s history dates back to World War II when it was constructed on the Las Vegas Strip. It has witnessed decades of weddings and cultural changes in the city.
  2. Architectural Style: The chapel’s architecture resembles a Western-style church, with wooden beams, a steeple, and rustic details. This unique style sets it apart from other wedding venues in Las Vegas.
  3. Celebrity Weddings: The Little Church of the West has been the location for weddings of many famous individuals, including celebrities from the entertainment industry. This has contributed to its reputation as a notable wedding destination.
  4. Convenience: The chapel’s location on the Las Vegas Strip makes it easily accessible to couples getting married in Las Vegas, as well as tourists looking for a memorable wedding experience.
  5. Wedding Services: The chapel offers various wedding packages, including traditional ceremonies, themed weddings, vow renewals, and Elvis-themed weddings—a nod to Las Vegas’s iconic association with Elvis Presley impersonators.
  6. Outdoor Ceremonies: In addition to the indoor chapel, the Little Church of the West offers outdoor ceremony options in its picturesque garden area.
  7. Renovations: Over the years, the chapel has undergone renovations and updates to maintain its charm while also accommodating modern wedding preferences and technology.


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