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Struggling to describe what Larry Flynt’s Las Vegas Hustler Hollywood club is like? You wouldn’t be the first. Here’s one possible way to explain the place: It’s an earnest attempt to build the ideal strip club you imagined as a teenaged boy. It’s brash, it’s crude, it’s outrageous – and an awful lot of fun.

The Hustler club spreads out over three levels. You’ll find the main space flanked by two big bars – the Double D on the east end and the Sexy bar on the west. The main stage is, as it should be, smack dab in the middle. The pole on the main stage that runs floor to ceiling is Vegas’s tallest. 

You’ll bind the club’s VIP bar tucked away on the second floor. This level also boasts the honey suites set up for private dances as three amazing skyboxes. Don’t balk at making the climb all the way up to the third floor. At one time, the top of the Hustler club boasted an open-air sky lounge, but this was converted into a nightclub space in the last renovation.

In the rear of the main floor, you’ll find the club’s male review room, which is amply furnished with a separate bar and plentiful VIP seating. Right as you come in the main doors, you’ll come face to face with the Hustler Hollywood adult boutique, perfect for all your erotic shopping needs.

As befits one of the city’s giant clubs, Hustler Hollywood is home to a wide range of different entertainers. The standards of beauty are very high, and every imaginable ethnicity and body type is well represented. As has always been Hustler policy, you’ll find the occasional 4s and 5s rubbing elbows with the club’s many 9s and 10s. If what you’re looking for in a strip club is a constant party atmosphere, that’s exactly what you’ll find waiting for you at the Hustler club.


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