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Best Sushi on Las Vegas Strip

Best Sushi on Las Vegas Strip

Over the last two decades, sushi has traveled far past Japan’s borders. And now, to the point, it’s even shipped nightly into the desert oasis we call Las Vegas. 

Believe it or not, Vegas is a world-renowned culinary destination frequented by many foodies globally dying to sample its quality sushi and opulent decor. And it’s also home to several world-famous chefs, including Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu and Masaharu Morimoto of Morimoto. 

So today, plenty of restaurants on The Strip provide authentic and traditional Japanese delicacies without breaking the bank. But you can just as easily find restaurants that mix traditional recipes with a modern twist, first-class artistry, and an unforgettable fine dining experience in a classic Vegas style. 

That said though, Vegas does have a lot of excellent restaurants serving sushi throughout the city. But, a few in particular shine well above the rest. And thankfully, they’re all within walking distance of most major hotels on The Strip. So if you’re craving a bite of the best sushi in the U.S.A, arguably, grab your chopsticks and pucker up because these are the best sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. 

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best Sushi on Las Vegas Strip


Nobu is a global chain with almost 50 locations owned by world-famous sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa, which set new standards for modern Japanese fine dining. But Nobu at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is the flagship restaurant and the largest in the country, accommodating more than 300 guests. It was also his first boutique hotel, the Nobu Hotel Las Vegas. 

These days Nobu has become an icon worldwide, given its opulent decor and signature menu. Yet, it’s also the only restaurant in the group with a crafted Teppanyaki tasting menu and three rare Hokusetsu sakes, offering you an exclusive experience like no other. 

Plus, you’ll feast on popular world-class sushi dishes such as a signature black cod with sweet miso, spicy tuna with crispy rice, spicy rock shrimp tempura, and yellowtail with jalapeno. Yet there’s also an impressive selection of other delicacies, mixing the modern and classics, a sushi bar, omakase tasting menus, and an extensive cocktail and sake selection to boot. Together, Nobu is easily the best sushi restaurant in Vegas and, without question, a must-visit if you want the best restaurant in its class. 


SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas large

Located in the Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian Resort, SushiSamba brilliantly blends the spirit of Japan, Brazil, and Peru. And this national chain welcomes you with an illuminated Tree Bar canopy that ignites the imagination and creates a unique hidden oasis in this otherwise hustling shopping center.

SushiSamba features a dramatic art installation with swinging three-dimensional ribbon art throughout the dining room. And the result is an environment that melds the spirit and unique decor of Japan, Brazil, and Peru, creating a one-of-a-kind experience like no other. Thankfully, though, the striking scenery here is also perfectly complemented by an impressive food selection that’s unlike anything else in the city.

Feast on unique and delectable dishes like crispy yellowtail taquitos, Brazilian churrasco, Peruvian ceviche, and even Japanese A5 Wagyu Gyoza. And you’ll quickly gasp at their seemingly limitless culinary creativity. But you’ll also complement these dishes with their extensive sushi and sashimi list, signature cocktails, and impressive sake list. 

Together, the food and decor make SushiSamba quite a tourist magnet. Still, its excellent selection of culinary styles and unique flavors doesn’t disappoint. 


Morimoto scaled large

Located in MGM Grand, Morimoto Las Vegas, owned by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, is one of nine locations in this famous international chain. If you’re unaware, Iron Chef is a legendary Japanese cooking show that eventually got picked up by the Food network.

And Chef Morimoto is the last Iron Chef of the series. Because of this, Morimoto Las Vegas is easily one of the city’s epicenters for sushi, given his Michelin Starred culinary skills and world fame. It’s also a restaurant acclaimed for delivering a unique menu that cleverly blends East and West flavors.

Inside, Morimoto Las Vegas blends contemporary Japanese design with exotic photographs by Yasumichi Morita to create a signature touch. With this restaurant, you can select from a dedicated sushi bar, the main dining room, or even teppan tables for hibachi-style dining.

Either way, you’ll experience many of their signature dishes like Braised Black Cod, 54-ounce Tomahawk Ribeye, and Sticky Ribs. You’ll also experience chef Morimoto’s unique line of sake, wine, and Shōchū.

But it’s fair to say that Chef Morimoto is one of the most famous chefs worldwide, praised as a visionary in Japanese cuisine. Thankfully at Morimoto Las Vegas, you’ll finally have the opportunity to see his vision and experience it yourself.

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant scaled large

Located in Bellagio Hotel Casino, Yellowtail gives you restaurant scenery like no other by placing you centerstage at the gorgeous Bellagio fountains. Owned by famed chef Akira Back, who studied under Masaharu Morimoto, and Nobu Matsuhisa, Yellowtail follows in the steps of the masters.

Yet, Akira has also risen to the ranks of world-class flame himself, awarded consecutive Michelin Stars, and even has his own line of sake. And these days, he’s infused flavors from his Korean upbringing into traditional Japanese dishes, catapulting this restaurant alongside the best sushi restaurants in town.

Yellowtail gives you an environment that’s nothing short of exclusive since it features the fountains of Bellagio as a prominent centerpiece in the background. But it also compliments that view with an elegant wood and stone interior design topped off by its signature 25 FT bronze yellowtail statued entrance.

Inside, you’ll experience signature dishes like Bigeye Tuna Pizza, Maine Lobster Carpaccio,  and Kagoshima A5 Wagyu. But you’ll also have plenty of sushi, sashimi, and multi-course Omakase dishes to select from, all with fresh seasonal ingredients flown in daily from the finest world markets.

They even have dishes like Jidori Chicken and Braised Wagyu Short Ribs to round out your culinary palette. And Yellowtail rounds things off with several unique handcrafted cocktails and an extensive beverage list.

Together Yellowtail remains a popular destination, especially for clubgoers, given its energetic ambiance and excellent menu. But, it’s definitely the ideal option for the night out if you want a legendary view and unique flavors. 


Well, there you have it. You now know the best sushi restaurant on The Strip and some infamous locations to whet your appetite.

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