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Best Shows in Las Vegas

Best Shows in Las Vegas

If you’re visiting Vegas, without question, you have to make time to see a show. There’s an enormous range of A-list talent constantly flowing into the city, and lately, there are more world-renowned acts than ever that have made Vegas their home by taking up residency. 

In fact, Vegas has 150 shows playing weekly. And it’s no question why it’s considered one of the cities earning the title “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” There are a dozen of incredible performances and internationally acclaimed shows nightly, perfect for just about anyone, regardless of age or taste. We’re talking about the greatest names in magic, comedy, illusions, acrobatics, music, and gold old adult fun. 

But, considering there’s nearly an endless selection, which is great for us locals, it will be rather challenging to find the best show quickly, especially if you’re only in town for a few days. 

With that said, let’s cover the best shows in Vegas hand-picked based on their popularity so you can easily select the perfect show. 

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best Shows in Vegas

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil show in vegas large

Located across six major hotels and casinos, Cirque du Soleil is a world-class production company and the best-in-class show period. And there’s a reason we’re listing the entire company here, rather than just each of its six shows.

Cirque du Soleil as a package is simply brilliant. 

Each of their six shows is unique, but each is nothing short of incredible. Cirque offers two major tribute shows. Firstly, “Michael Jackson ONE” takes you on a whirlwind of high-energy and electrifying performances to tribute to the King of Pop. Then there’s “The Beatles LOVE,” which tells the fantastic story of this legendary band through time synced to incredible athletic acts and their soundtracks. 

Cirque also has several classic acrobatic productions. Firstly “Mystère,” their original Vegas production, combines an imaginative show with high-energy acrobatics, drama, and unique storytelling ability to the thunderous sounds of Taiko drums. While, “O” by Cirque du Soleil gives the audience an aquatic experience with world-class acrobatics, synchronized swimmers, and awe-inspiring stunts in, on, above, and around the water. Then there’s “KÀ” their most technically advanced show, where warriors fight on the battlefields. And this show captivates with martial arts, pyrotechnics, aerial duels, wall running, and then some with a gravity-defying landscape. 

Lastly, there’s the brand new “Mad Apple” which combines Cirque’s renowned production with  New York-inspired acrobatics, dance, magic, and a comedy starring Brad Williams. And this show brilliantly melds a circus, live entertainment, and NYC’s wild nightlife into a fun package. 

As a whole, though, Cirque is an icon in the theater and performing arts scenes, and you’re sure to agree once you see them work the stage. With so much variety and sheer talent, Cirque du Soleil easily dominates as the single best show in Vegas. Period. And it’s hailed by many critics as the best show, for a good reason. 

Blue Man Group

blue man group las vegas show large

Located in Luxor Hotel & Casino, the Blue Man Group is a trio that takes you on a spectacular journey through light, sound, and laughter. And it’s the perfect show for the whole family. 

The Blue Man Group is known for their strange, silent, and avant-garde demeanor. But this actually becomes one of their key strengths since it removes all language and cultural barriers. Instead, you’ll connect to them through movement, dance and raw emotion. And that explains why over 50 million people across all cultures and languages worldwide have enjoyed their performance to date. 

Still, the Blue Man Group tackles thought-provoking issues like brain function, artificial intelligence, and even language loss. And the performance guides audience members to think about these issues. Still, they’re known for capturing your imagination with their breathtaking visuals, explosions of color, signature music, odd humor, and makeshift instruments. The result is an experience that will get you dancing and interacting with the performance and lift your spirits at the end. And this world-famous and one-of-a-kind event is the perfect night out for all ages.


Absinthe show at caesar palace large

Located in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Absinthe is the result of a filthy gazillionaire take on the absinthe-drenched cabarets in 19th century Europe reimagined for a modern audience. 

Absinthe is a cocktail. And like the cocktail, this show, too, is intoxicating. Absinthe beautifully mixes a circus carnival act with provocative burlesque and acrobatics stage work. In many ways, Absinthe is the sexier and adults-only sister show to Cirque du Soleil. And for adults, it delivers the exact “Only in Vegas” experience you’re after. In fact, Las Vegas Weekly recently named it “the greatest show in… History.”

But unlike Cirque, the venue for this show is incredibly intimate. The show performs in the Absinthe Spiegeltent, located at Caesars Palace’s outdoor Roman Plaza. It’s an old-school circus tent with velvet that houses a small circular stage, getting you as close to the action as possible. 

Simply put, If you love raunchy adults-only comedy and want that mixed with a circus and burlesques in a savvy way, this is the show for you. Absinthe is wild, and the cast is outlandish. It’s quite the spectacle but enormous fun the entire time. And it’s Spiegelworld’s best variety show and Vegas entertainment at its finest. 


Criss Angel MINDFREAK show large

Located in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Criss Angel MINDFREAK marks the return of this world-famous magician to this casino with a brand new, fully immersive experience. And the #1 magician worldwide is back with a bang!

MINDFREAK, first launched in 2018, has been delivering an over-the-top and wildly entertaining magic show unlike anything else since. This 90-minute show offers groundbreaking productions and the world’s most sophisticated technology, lighting, and video production setup. Yet it also boasts more than 75 iconic and signature illusions from Chris’ hit T.V. series MINDFREAK, like levitation, to blow your mind time and time again.

Frankly, it’s nothing short of amazing that even after more than a decade in magic, Criss Angel is back and better than ever. So much so that this show is acclaimed as “The Magic Event of a Lifetime!” by the Huffington Post and was awarded the G.O.A.T. Award by Vanish Magazine. But it makes sense since this show is ridiculously over the top with visual effects, pyrotechnics, sexy assistants, daring sword fights, and immerses the audience from the very beginning. So get ready to scratch your head for months trying to figure out the mysteries behind this jaw-dropping and fascinating performance. 

Penn & Teller

penn and teller show large

Located in the Rio Hotel & Casino, Penn & Teller amazes by revealing their secrets and then constantly breaks your expectations.

Acclaimed as “the single best show in Vegas” by the L.A. Times, Penn and Teller aren’t your regular magicians. No. They’re legends performing at Rio for over two decades straight, longer than most millennials have been alive. And these world-renowned performers, now with 16 Emmy nominations under their belt, have the longest-running residency in Vegas history.

For this show, Penn talks, sharing stories and commentary, while Teller does the incredible magic tricks, like sleight-of-hand, death-defying escapes, and grand illusions. But this illusionist duo is known for mixing edgy humor, smarts, and their comments on politics and religion into the show. In fact, they’re pretty fearless in this aspect, without little remorse. 

The result is a hilarious performance that’s timeless but evolves nicely and remains more refreshing than most. Yet, it’s also a powerful standalone magic show with plenty of audience interaction that still leaves you completely wowed and confused by the end. And it’s definitely a show that will keep you coming back again and again. 

Jabbawockeez Timeless

Jabbawockeez Timeless show las vegas large

Located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, Jabbawockeez mixes awe-inspiring choreography, pulsing music, and stunning special effects that are sure to mesmerize. And they’re a staple show here in Vegas. 

This high-end production gets the audience up close and personal with this world-renown group of faceless dancers, made famous by winning America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. Yet, as long as they’ve been performing now as the only headlining hip-hop dance crew in Vegas, they’ve continually managed to keep the moves fresh. And their latest show, Timeless, does that and more by blending beautiful decor, costume design, and stage work to highlight every decisive dance move they make. 

Voted the “Best Family Show” three years counting, Jabbawockeez Timeless is an unforgettable dance show perfect for families of all ages. Here you’ll experience their journey through time and space through lighting and dance. And you’ll be wowed by their impressive routines, distinct styles and unique personalities throughout. 

David Copperfield

David Copperfield las vegas show large

Located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, David Copperfield continues to be the man, the myth, and the legend of stage magicians. And it’s one of the most popular shows in Vegas. 

Rated as “Our Era’s Giant of Magic!” from the Boston Globe, Las Vegas Review Journal, USA Today, New York Times, and even Oprah Winfrey,  David’s show at the MGM Grand is nothing short of epic. And Copperfield, a world record holder of 21 Emmys, continues to amaze audiences yearly. 

His show is filled with many wow-worthy illusions, death-defying stunts, and inexplicable events like levitating, walking through walls, and seeing statues vanish. Even the “smaller” illusions are mind-blowing and will have the audience constantly gasping in amazement. 

The result is an overall experience that will leave you scratching your head and questioning for days, or even weeks, to figure out his techniques. Are they really tricks? Or does he have some unseen godly powers? Maybe a bit of both. 

Sure, David doesn’t have the same show-off performance as Criss Angel, nor does he rely on fancy production techniques. Instead, he lets the magic do the talking. And it’s a show that every magic fan should watch without question to see the master of illusions work his magic. 

Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly

Mat Franco Magic Reinvented Nightly show large

Located in The LINQ Hotel, Mat Franco’s Magic Reinvented Nightly is called this for a good reason.

Mat Franco, the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 9, was the first magician to ever win the honor. And with his Vegas residency, he not only makes the experience interactive by including crowd-guided improv throughout the show. But he also confuses you for weeks afterward with his signature illusions, sleight-of-hand tricks, and never-before-seen creations. Experience a one-man show featuring bold acts with clever twists and turns on the classics, brilliantly combining old and new. All topped off with his effortless humor and charisma that simultaneously makes you laugh, gasp, and be amazed. 

Yet, unlike other shows, this magic show is constantly evolving, and he finds new ways to leave audiences impressed. So the show is always fresh and unique every night. And it’s been voted the Best Magic Show in Las Vegas twice for this reason. So don’t expect a standard run-of-the-mill magic act. Instead, Magic Reinvented Nightly is a highly recommended and must-see magic show.


OPIUM show large

Located in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Opium is another adults-only show from Spiegelworld, the creators of Absinthe. But, this one takes you on a wild journey to Uranus from Las Vegas aboard the OPM 73 spaceship. And you’ll experience this intergalactic show through the ship’s twisted crew members, delivering hilarious “in-flight” entertainment. Opium’s talented set of performers delivers a new level of excitement and satisfaction that’ll have you laughing, clapping, and gasping for delight from their bizarre and odd cast of characters. So if you enjoy cheesy B-grade science-fiction movies, Opium will give you a one-of-a-kind experience like no other. 

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon show large

Located in Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Piff the Magic Dragon, is Vegas’ greatest jester known for his self-deprecating humor and ridiculous dragon costume. But, he’s also known for performing with Mr. Piffles, the world’s only Chihuahua that performs magic. So between the performing dog and the ridiculous dragon, you’re sure to be distracted and thoroughly entertained. Piff also delivers a stunning stage performance filled with one-of-a-kind illusions that will leave you questioning his methods for days. And he also brilliantly combines comedy through his piercing-sharp humor that will consume you with laughter. The result is a unique and, frankly, ridiculous take on the stereotypical stage magic show, but a very memorable performance indeed. 


Las Vegas is the ultimate entertainment destination, and there’s never a dull moment in the city. Now you know some of the many exciting events going on. And now you can have an equally fun and inexpensive alternative to drinking, gambling, or hitting the nightclubs. But you’ll also have an experience you can take home and one won’t be able to stop talking about for years to come.