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Best Lounges in Las Vegas

Best Lounges in Las Vegas

Are you looking for something more exciting than your average bar but far less chaotic than a mega-nightclub? 

Then a Vegas lounge or even Ultra-lounge may be the perfect fit.

Las Vegas is home to the best nightclubs and entertainment in the U.S. So, considering that fact, it’s no surprise it’s well-known for hosting some of the best lounges, too.

A lounge here combines a more relaxed nightclub-like atmosphere and stylish luxury accommodations with a staff who’s mastered handcrafted cocktails. And, in fact, the best ones have even done it to a level where they’ve ascended past the heights of most nightclubs in smaller average towns. Yet, they still deliver the sophistication and world-class service Vegas is known for. 

Still, not every venue here offers the right mix of entertainment, atmosphere, food selection, signature cocktails, and a lively DJ to keep the party going. So choosing the right venue to spend your night could quickly become challenging since dozens of options exist.

With that, here’s our list of the best lounges in Las Vegas. Each is ready to deliver classic fan favorites like a Dry Martini, GNT, or even a Negroni. But many can also easily handle new and unique beverages that will push your palate to the next level.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best Lounges in Las Vegas

Juniper Cocktail Lounge

Juniper Cocktail Lounge scaled large

Juniper Cocktail Lounge, which takes its name from the berries that produce this spirit, is located in the newly renovated Park MGM casino. And Park MGM is conveniently situated on the south side of The Strip by the T-Mobile arena and Park theater. But, more importantly, Juniper is home to the broadest selection of gin beverages in Vegas, with dozens of offerings on their menu.

And they feature a comprehensive list of hand-crafted Gin cocktails using in-house ingredients (juices and syrups). This fact alone makes this venue a must-visit if you love classic gin cocktails like a GNT.

That said, though, their drink menu does include many other long-time favorite cocktails using top-shelf spirits like Tequila, Vodka, and other expertly selected spirits. So it’s not a must only for gin lovers. Juniper also offers a DJ playing energetic music on weekends alongside bottle service, if you fancy that route.


SkyBar las vegas view large

Located in the Waldorf Astoria on the 23rd floor high above the Las Vegas strip, SkyBar gives you a lounge experience with an unforgettable view like none other.

The Waldorf Astoria, formally the Mandarin Oriental, is arguably the sleekest and most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas. And SkyBar capitalizes on this fact perfectly with its high-end decor and elegant atmosphere. But it also brings a stunning panoramic view of The Strip using floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the venue.

Yet, SkyBar is also a more intimate and secluded venue than most, making it an excellent choice for catching up with friends or even a date. Outside of that, they also offer a small selection of American and Mediterranean cuisine, available in the evenings until 11 PM. And this venue also provides a healthy selection of wines, beers, and a wide range of hand-crafted cocktails from various spirits ranging from vodka and gin to rum and tequila.


Skyfall Lounge large

Skyfall Lounge, located in Delano Las Vegas, offers a high-end venue with an Instagram-worthy view. Inspired by the James Bond film of the same name, Skyfall Ultra Lounge is housed on the 64th floor of the Delano.

But, unlike the film, this venue offers an outdoor patio with plush seating and an incredible 180-degree panoramic view of The Strip. It also has a contemporary theater-styled design, multiple floors, and a low-key carefree atmosphere.

Plus, Skyfall offers a diverse collection of artisan cocktails, which changes seasonally, wines, beers, nightcaps, and even bottle service. You can even order food from the next-door kitchen and sister restaurant, Rivea. So, as a whole, it’s an excellent spot for an intimate date, semi-private retreats, or to catch up with friends with a gorgeous view.

The Dorsey

The Dorsey Cocktail Bar scaled large

Located in The Venetian Las Vegas, The Dorsey exudes modern cocktails. So much so that they’ve been acclaimed by the New York Times for this very reason.

They offer a large selection of cocktails from scotch, bourbon, rye, and more all using high-quality ingredients and freshly-squeezed juices that suit everyone’s palette. Inside the Dorsey, you’ll be surrounded by gilded brass and French oak, melding a modern Las Vegas nightclub with a more historic lounge filled with curated art and worldly architecture.

You’ll also find The Library, a small parlor featuring a one-of-a-kind fireplace display with bookshelves, and plush seating for a more intimate atmosphere. Plus they also offers The Cage, a private banquette that seats up to 12 guests on a luxe sofa if you want a more private party. So if you’re searching for a classic cocktail, The Dorsey is definitely the spot to consider. 

Foundation Room

Foundation Room Las Vegas large

Located in Mandalay Bay, the Foundation Room sits on top of the hotel’s 63rd floor. And offers an elevated rooftop experience with a patio overlooking The Strip like no other.

Inside, there’s a main dance floor, exotic decor, and party rooms for comfortable dancing and socializing. This venue also provides unique handcrafted cocktails, bottle service, but arguably the best food in this category.

Electra Cocktail Club

Electra Cocktail Club scaled large

Located in The Palazzo, Electra Cocktail Club is bold, modern, and ready to elevate your typical bar experience. You also can’t miss this venue as it’s the centerpiece of the resort casino floor and has a lively nightclub feel. Electra focuses on crafted cocktails including those made of rum, tequila, and even daiquiris.

But they have one of the largest mezcal collections around and specialize in agricole, both of which are trendy spirits. Inside, Electra features a giant 40-ft wall with high-resolution screens that creates custom digital artwork, a great conversation starter.

They also host resident DJs that play various genres, from hip-hop to synth-rock. And the venue has many plush semi-circular couches for mingling and a friendly dancefloor when you’re ready to let loose. Additionally, they offer The Bracelet, a private area that seats up to 12 guests, and even a group celebration package with custom cocktails for five.


Well, there you have it, you now know a few of the best lounges in town. And you now have a better idea of where to begin your search or, better, the perfect venue to visit during your trip.

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