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Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Vegas is known for its pool parties, nightclubs, and extravagant entertainment. But, we call Las Vegas “Sin City” for a reason. And it’s not called that just because of popular casinos. 

Of course, gorgeous dancers taking their clothes off in Vegas isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around since the original inception of Las Vegas. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. And, frankly, can you think of a better place to let loose and free your inhibitions than at a strip club in Las Vegas with a pocket full of singles? We can’t…

Las Vegas is home to some of the best strip clubs in the world. And the entertainers here elevate the art form to new heights. So it’s no surprise that there’s a long list of clubs to choose from. We’re talking anything from topless, burlesque, to fully nude. Really, there’s a gentleman’s club here ready to suit any taste. 

But, with each strip club differing in accommodations, themes, price points, and dancers, which one is actually best? 

Well, let’s take a deep dive into the best strip clubs in Las Vegas. 

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Strip Clubs Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Sapphire Las Vegas

Sapphire stripclub 3

Located on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive next to the Circus Circus Hotel, Sapphire reigns as the largest strip club worldwide. And it’s rare that award-winning venues live up to bold claims and their reputations long-term, but Sapphire’s delivers and then some. So given that it also excels in every aspect, it’s without question the best strip club in Las Vegas.

Experience this 70,000 SQ FT venue that’s not only the biggest globally but easily the most fully-featured and inviting, too. Inside Sapphire’s main room, about half the size of a football field, you’ll find 3 stages, massive video screens, 4 bars, and ample plush seating. On this ground level, there are also karaoke and cigar rooms. You’ll also find the Rockstar Lounge, letting you watch dancers working their magic above the SkyStage, a clear plexiglass catwalk. Sapphire’s even has a dedicated partner restaurant next door, El Dorado Cantina, a popular local favorite that serves authentic Mexican cuisine. Plus, it’s also the only strip club in town with a pool, Sapphire Dayclub. And the dayclub hosts pool parties regularly during the summers. 

Yet, they also have the largest roster of dancers, boasting over 400 males and females during peak hours, making the weekends a fun time for couples. And not only are these dancers the most attractive in town, but they also have outstanding customer service and provide high-mileage lap dances. So there’s no doubt you’ll find many ladies here that are your ideal type. While on the second floor, you’ll find their VIP Skybox suites, giving you a more intimate experience while overlooking the main floor. 

Together, it’s no question why this strip club is a favorite of more than 250 celebrities from MTV, Spike TV, Playboy, and top artists like Deadmau5, 50 Cent, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, to name a few. 

Other features include limo service and stand-up comedy shows. 

Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino inside club large

Located on South Highland Drive by the Fashion Show Mall, Spearmint Rhino, a legend in this industry, just recently underwent a renovation and expansion. And they’ve added even more wow-factor and fun to this 11 times award-winning venue.

Now boasting over 35,000 SQ FT, Spearmint Rhino has doubled in size. And it brings an even more premium and upscale strip club experience than ever. Now it features 4 stages, including a main oversized tipping stage, a full-service kitchen, and plenty of plush VIP seating. During peak hours, Spearmint hosts hundreds of gorgeous dancers in the venue, many of which are the hottest in town. We’re talking porn stars, former actresses, and current or former models. Yet, not only are their dancers ridiculously attractive, but they’re also very personable, light-hearted, and aren’t salesy. Plus, the lap dances are also high-mileage. So it’s no surprise to see this venue also frequented by many famous guests. 

Other features include limo service, and private lounges. 

Larry Flints Hustler Club

Larry Flynts Hustler Club 1

Located on Dean Martin Drive across from I-15, Larry Flint’s Hustler Club is a top strip club created by the adult industry’s most notorious group. And the Vegas location in particular is their world-class erotic events center. But it’s also the most expensive gentlemen’s club built ($30M), so it’ll definitely catch your eye when driving by. 

Spanning over 70,000 SQ FT, this three-level club is enormous and shrouded in elegance. On the ground floor, you’ll find two main bars, the two main stages, plus cabaret-style seating, banquettes, and the 20,000 SQ FT Hustler Hollywood store that sells erotic clothing and sex toys. The second floor houses the Hustler’s VIP bar and stage, with a see-through glass catwalk along with 3 Skybox and 11 Honey suites. Lastly, there’s even an outdoor rooftop terrace, open year-round, that accommodates nearly 1,200 guests in a large party. The terrace also converts into a dedicated nightclub called Terrace Afterhours, a top after-hours spot that opens at 2:30 am. And here you’ll get an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip while partying to the night’s end. 

On weekends, Hustler’s can easily have a whopping 150 entertainers performing throughout the venue. And, like Sapphire, they also have a host of male dancers, called the Kings of Hustler, on weekends. But it’s the number 1 male stripping event in town, making it perfect for the ladies. 

Other features include a Mediterranean Rooftop Bistro and limo service. 

Crazy Horse III


Located on Russell Road near Allegiant Stadium, Crazy Horse 3 is one of the closest venues to The Strip. And now in its third generation, it’s still a top-rated gentlemen’s club and the go-to venue for bachelor parties. It’s also a venue frequented by many celebrities, so don’t be surprised to bump shoulders. 

Inside this ultra-modern 50,000 SQ FT complex, CH3 makes you feel like you’re in a high-end Vegas nightclub. But, unlike a nightclub, it provides dozens of exotic dancers, all with a unique look and style. Many of which are also the sexiest girls in Vegas. That said, CH3 has 5 private VIP bars, 6 stages, premium bottle service, and 30 120″ HD TVs. They even offer the KITCH3N, an all-night restaurant with a great selection of dishes from burgers to bowls, tacos, wings, and even hookah. 

Other features include limo service and a 250-person private area with its own bar, stage, and entrance. 

Palomino Club

palomino strip club in las vegas nevada 2

Located on North Las Vegas Boulevard by The Strat, Palomino isn’t technically as close to The Strip as other clubs. Still, it’s world-famous, and the only all-nude club in Vegas authorized to sell alcohol. So it’s definitely a trip that’s worthwhile. 

First debuted in the late 1960s, Palomino was eventually grandfathered into the laws prohibiting nude strip clubs from selling alcohol. So you can drink to your heart’s content while surrounded by naked women. And today, this is one of its key selling points over other clubs in Vegas. 

Still, Palomino is no slouch. They have a huge selection of exotic dancers with ample experience and very aggressive pricing on their services. In fact, in some aspects, they’re the most affordable venue in town. Not to mention, inside this large two-story club, you’ll find plenty of old-school Vegas charm with a modern touch. Downstairs houses its spacious main stage with moody lighting and two separate bars. While upstairs, there are three large seating areas, the VIP Ultra Lounge and the Lipstick Lounge private room.

Other features include limo service. 

Treasures Las Vegas

Treasures Gentlemens Club 1

Located just a few minutes from The Strip on Westwood Drive, Treasures is upscale and very tasteful. And it’s a long-standing favorite in Vegas that delivers on every level. 

Inside, this luxurious 27,000 SQ FT venue immediately impresses with its high-end Italian design, oversized chandelier, and winding marbled staircase. And it has three stages in the main room, with neon poles. Treasures also boast a large selection of exotic dancers with excellent variety. We’re talking anything from your girl-next-door to the fully tatted hardcore types and anything in-between. So you’re guaranteed to find someone your type. 

Treasures even has a gourmet steakhouse, serving premium steaks and seafood selections that easily competes with many of the top restaurants on The Strip. And you can even dine with dancers there if you’d like. 

Other features include a champagne room, VIP areas, a Skybox, and limo service. 

Sophia’s Las Vegas

Sophias Gentlemens Club large

Located just off The Strip on Naples Drive, Sophia’s is one of the newer boutique strip clubs in Vegas. And it replaces the older Badda Bing Club with the management team behind the legendary Olympus Garden (O.G.). 

Sophia’s is definitely lavish but it’s also incredibly stylish and comfortable. It’s a two-story club with two stages and three fully decked bars. They also serve delicious food, mixing both American and Spanish cuisine. But more importantly, they’re known for having some of the sexiest performers in town with outstanding hospitality and customer service. Sure, it’s not as over the top as other venues, but the performances and atmosphere make up for that and then some.

Other features include VIP rooms and limo service.

Girl Collection

Girl Collection TMT inside scaled large

Located on Highland Drive in the former Sheri’s Cabaret, Girl Collection is one of the newer strip clubs in Vegas. However, it’s the only one owned by the celebrity boxer Floyd Mayweather. 

The Girl Collection is a high-end lounge and topless club. But since it’s owned by someone with such fame, it attracts many famous guests and high rollers. So it definitely caters to a more wealthy clientele than other clubs. Still, anyone will enjoy its wide range of performers and its generous 6,000 SQ FT venue covered with VIP tables, lounges, and excellent decor. 

Other features include private VIP rooms, a private upstairs bar for groups, and limo service. 

Little Darlings Las Vegas

Little Darlings Las Vegas inside large

Located on Western Ave, Little Darlings is a world-famous club that welcomes anyone 18 and older. It’s also the only 18+ venue in town, making it an excellent spot for younger guests who aren’t old enough for other clubs. 

That said, Little Darlings doesn’t serve alcohol. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. In fact, the opposite. Little Darlings is one of the few remaining all-nude clubs in Vegas. And they also have a reputation as consistently being one of the best full nude clubs in the U.S. They feature hundreds of showgirls and even weekly celebrity and porn star appearances. Plus, the venue even has hookah on-site with over 50 flavors. 

Other features include 1-hour fully-nude private bed dances, a VIP lounge, and limo service. 

Las Vegas Strip Club Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, let’s talk about some tips to help maximize the experience. 

Las Vegas Strip Club Dress Code

Like most other high-end Las Vegas venues, strip clubs generally have a dress code for men and women. And they rarely allow people to show up wearing sweatpants, jerseys, flip-flops, tank tops, or even open-toed shoes. But this dress code is good since these clubs want everyone in the venue to look attractive and their best. And it’s also a great opportunity for the guys out there to make a good first impression on these gorgeous women. 

With that said, we wouldn’t suggest risking going to these clubs without considering their dress code first, unless you’re a high roller or famous. Most of these venues actively monitor and enforce this policy. So you’ll risk being turned away by the doorman or bouncer. 

Thankfully, most of these venues follow a similar dress code, so meeting the standards is easy. And their dress code is also nearly identical to the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, making that even easier, too.

The only exceptions, really, are whether they require tucked-in collared shirts or they prefer untucked-colored shirts and T-shirts. But, below is the general list of what to avoid when going to these clubs.

Do not wear:


  • Beanies
  • Sports Caps


  • Baggy Jeans
  • Capris
  • Gym Shorts
  • Sweatpants


  • Tennis and athletic shoes
  • Sandals/flip-flops
  • Open toes 


  • Cut-Off or torn attire
  • Jerseys 
  • Tank tops or muscle tees
  • Bleached or Tie-dye

What to wear:

You want to dress to impress. So for guys, wear business casual or business dress. For the ladies, wear a cocktail or fitted dress. 

What is The Difference Between VIP and Normal Entry?

The main difference between VIP and normal entry is their speed. Specifically, how fast you can enter the venue and how fast the overall service is once you’re there.

With a VIP ticket, you’ll skip the line and enter the club almost immediately, saving the 2-3 hour wait time at the front door on a busy night. This is a huge advantage since it gives you a far better chance to grab a table or seat close to the stage. You’ll also likely receive faster service in general. But that’s dependent on how busy the club is. So the main benefit is the shorter lines and quicker entry.  

Las Vegas Strip Club Cover & Costs


It’s important to know that most of these clubs have a cover or door charge to enter the venue. And most of these clubs will increase their door charges when Vegas hosts large conventions, sports games, or big events. In general, though, the cover charge will range between $30-$50 per person. So keep that in mind if you’re taking a cab or Uber to the venue and going in a large group, as it can get quite expensive.

That said, if your group comes well-dressed and arrives early, say before 9 PM, you could bargain your way past the cover charge when talking to the doorman. But, this isn’t a full proof strategy that will work every time, especially on holidays or nights of sports finals and championships. So beware. 

In time though, WGTV will become a resource you can rely on to get free admission into the club and limo service. And we will get you and your party onto the guest list without issues. 


It’s important to point out that you can’t bring your own alcohol into these clubs. 

Thankfully, all of these venues, besides the two that are fully nude, have a wide selection of drinks available. And the prices are modest, at $20 per drink, which is about the same as an average cocktail at most Las Vegas nightclubs. However, these clubs usually have a two-drink minimum, so the starting price after entering the club is actually $40. Keep that in mind. 

Tipping dancers 

Most of us will want to sit around the stage at some point and toss some singles at dancers, since it’s fun. If that’s the case, budgeting $10-20 per hour is a good starting point for stage tipping. 

How much are Lap Dances in Las Vegas?

Outside of drinks, you’ll likely want a lap dance at some point. For the most part, the average lap dance here in Las Vegas costs $20-30. But, the starting price can be higher, depending on the dancer. 

Note: This price also doesn’t include a tip to the dancer, if you choose to tip. And that usually adds another $5-10. But tipping is optional if you enjoy their service and not mandatory. 

You also have the option to upgrade a standard dance to one in a VIP room or booth. And this service usually starts at $100/song. However, these private dances are a lot more intimate and physical than the standard dance. They’re also private, so there’s a benefit there. 

With all that covered though, the price can get steep rather quickly depending on how much partying you want. So it’s a good idea to bring slightly more money than you’d expect. 

How Much Cash Should I Bring to a Las Vegas Strip Club?

So you may now be asking, “well, how much cash should I bring to the club?” If you factor in transportation, entry, drinks, and a lap dance, we would suggest $130 a person at a minimum (including $20 in singles). But, if you prefer to skip the lap dance, then $100 is good. 

That said, it isn’t wise to go to the strip club with just enough money for the cover and a round of drinks. That’ll end up killing some of your experience. It’s also important to know the average guy buys (2) dances during their visit and several rounds of drinks ($60-80). So when you factor in that, the $5-10 tip on each dance, the price of “extra” entertainment goes up. And for that reason we’d recommend bringing closer to $200/person. 

It’s also important we note that while you can get drinks with a debit or credit card, dancers are strictly cash only. So at some point, you’ll have to go to the ATM inside the club. The problem is that these ATMs charge ridiculous fees of 15% or more, which will eat away at how much you can put towards lap dances and tips. So consider withdrawing the cash before going to the club, even if it’s at the casino. You’ll get more for your money that way. 

General Tips

First, if you’re a tourist, you’ll likely take an Uber/Lyft or taxi to the club. But most of these clubs offer a taxi limo service for groups though. But if you go that route, be prepared to generously tip the driver, somewhere around $10-20. However, if you go the standard taxi route, asking your average driver which is the best club to go to isn’t a good idea. Many drivers get a kickback for taking you to specific clubs, where you’ll likely also be charged the cover to enter, which is an extra $30-50. Our list of clubs above will help you pick the best club for your taste. So merely get a direct ride from the hotel to the club so you can avoid all these extra hassles. 

Next tip: your appearance is everything in these clubs, and how you look will directly affect the amount of attention you get from dancers. So if you want to stretch your dollars as far as possible, dress nicely. But don’t go overboard by wearing flashy clothing. Instead, wear something modest but nice with clean-cut grooming. That will be enough to have many girls flocking over to visit. 

Next, if you’re planning on getting a lapdance, make sure you don’t have anything sharp in your pockets. Also, avoid extra large belts and buckles since these are usually turn-offs for the dancers. 

Lastly, if you plan on sitting by the stage, make sure you have dollar bills to tip. The worst thing you can do in these venues is sit by the stage and enjoy the views without tipping. So if you find the dancer entertaining, just tip them. 

General Strip Club Etiquette

Here are a few other tips about the general etiquette at strip clubs.

No Hands

Don’t get handsy with dancers. No matter how it seems, these women are working. And they’ve got a job to do. So keep your hands to yourself. That is unless you want to get harassed and thrown out of the club by the bouncers. 

Lap Dance Duration and Payments

A typical lap dance will last for one song, so around 3 to 3.5 minutes. If you want a longer dance, be prepared to pay extra. And the dances are cash payments due to the dancer immediately


Vegas is known for being Sin City, and strip clubs are a key reason why. The clubs offered here are some of the best in the industry and they’ve got the awards to prove it. So they’re the perfect place to stop by for some “excitement,” day or night. Don’t be shy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you touch a stripper in Vegas?

No. Strip clubs don’t allow guests to interact with strippers like this. 

Do you tip after a lap dance?

Yes. The average guest tips an extra $5-10 on top of the house rate for a lap dance, if they choose to tip.

What is an appropriate tip for a stripper?

There’s no maximum amount for a tip. But for the most part, $5-10 after a private lap dance and $10 in singles for dancers on the stage is normal. However, whether you tip or not is entirely up to you.

How much do strippers charge in Vegas?

Most dancers charge $20 per dance. 

How do you tip a stripper in Vegas?

First, establish the price for the dance in advance, usually between $20-30. Now stick to the price after the dance. Then after the dance, decide if you’ll tip extra and pay them accordingly in cash. 

How much is a private lap dance in Vegas?

The average price here in Las Vegas is between $20-30.