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Best Buffet in Las Vegas

Best Buffet in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is extravagant, from its multimillion-dollar luxury hotels, mind-blowing shows, and world-class nightlife. And the food and all-you-can-eat buffet scene here is surely no exception.

In fact, buffets are synonymous with Vegas culture. The tradition originated here nearly 100 years ago to keep hungry late-night gamblers entertained and fed. And today, Vegas is particularly famous for its buffets to the point where it’s one of most travelers’ favorite and highly rated things to do.

Today there are literally dozens of buffets throughout the city, all with a massive selection of dishes featuring everything from sushi to pot roast and anything between. Sure, Vegas doesn’t technically offer as many of these restaurants as it historically has. But that’s a good thing. 

Instead of merely tossing large amounts of expensive food at you, today’s options have expanded to include more gourmet dishes like caviar, foie gras, Alaskan crab, shark, and much more. So, Sin City is still a big win if you’re hungry and looking for something exciting to push your pallet. And this year, it’s arguably better than ever. 

That said, here’s our list of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Each will not only impress you with luxury decor but also blow your mind with loads of unique delicacies. So no matter your liking, you’ll find a buffet perfect for taste buds and an experience to remember.

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The Buffet at Wynn

buffet at wynn hotel and casino scaled large

Located in the Wynn Las Vegas, The Buffet at Wynn brings never-ending extravagance. And it combines a traditional buffet with the atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant, giving you an elegant dining experience like no other.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, this restaurant offers an indulgent, bright, and airy setting for your meal. Specifically, a dining area filled with bold spring colors, elaborate flower arrangements, marble floor accents, colorful canopies, and a glass ceiling atrium. The result is a dining room that will awe you in its luxury. But The Buffet at Wynn isn’t just about the pretty decor. This restaurant also features 16 live cooking stations to personalize and prepare your order individually. 

Offering more than 90 globally inspired dishes (a mix of hot and cold) daily, you’ll have plenty of different cuisines to choose from, including ribeye steaks, short ribs, street tacos, ahi poke, sushi, wagyu beef, and more. On weekends they also offer a seafood buffet, which is arguably the best in Las Vegas. And here, they serve clams, squid, smoked salmon, mussels, crabs, and various fishes. While for desserts, the selection is fabulous. They have a large chocolate fountain to cover marshmallows, rice cereal treats, crepes, and fruits. And you can even upgrade to the Endless Pour for all-you-can-drink mimosas, wine, and beer if you’d like that option as well.

The Buffet at Bellagio

The Buffet at Bellagio scaled large

Located in the Bellagio Las Vegas, The Buffet at Bellagio will quickly change your misconceptions about buffet dining. And you’ll be immediately wowed by their 5-star gourmet menu that goes well beyond your typical buffet.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, this restaurant offers a large dining room with decor highly reminiscent of a small village town, complete with plants and even lamp posts. But it’s an environment that’ll quickly make you feel at ease through its pleasant lighting, impressive wall art, and warm colors. 

That said, The Buffet at Bellagio excels in its many globally inspired live cooking stations and worldly cuisine from American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many other cultures. And they feature many delicacies you’ve likely only tried once, including adventurous options like quail, duck, buffalo, venison, and even foie gras. They also have a carving station offering marinated flank steak, St. Louis-style ribs, and rotisserie chicken – a rare option. 

Yet, they also have a massive sushi station with a huge seafood selection ranging from muscles, ceviche, Alaskan crab, clams, ahi poke, and even shark. And they top it all off with an excellent selection of desserts, including white chocolate parfait, a personalized gelato stand, fresh pastries, and seasonal fruits. 

While for drinks, they offer a premium selection of champagnes to complement their brunch on the weekends. But you can also up for the all-you-can-drink Beverage Package, featuring Bloody Marys, Draft beers, mimosas, and margaritas, for some real fun. 

Wicked Spoon

Cosmopolitan casino buffet scaled large

Located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Wicked Spoon provides a unique twist on your traditional buffet by bringing a market dining experience like no other. And they were the first Vegas buffet to introduce individual small portions, ignoring the conventional route of bulky shared serving dishes, a revolutionary change at the time. 

Open daily for breakfast and lunch, Wicked Spoon welcomes you with its modern and elegant decor featuring warm earth tones and moody lighting. And if you appreciate the upscale aesthetics of Cosmopolitan and their emphasis on style, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Wicked Spoon mixes high-quality familiar staples with unique seasonal dishes to give you a worldly dining experience. And they divide their cooking stations into sections, including a cold bar, brunch bar, grill station, Asian station, and an international station. Here you can find a variety of American, Italian, Asian, and international dishes ranging from beef tri-tip, lamb gyros, green chili tamale, assorted sushi, dim sum, pancakes, grits, eggs benedict, and much more. While for desserts, they offer seasonal pastries, a gelato bar with several unique flavors, and house-made sorbet. They also offer a bottomless drink package featuring mimosas, bloody marys, Bud Light draft, and champagne.

Bacchanal Buffet At Caesars Palace

Bacchanal Buffet At Caesars Palace large

Located in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Bacchanal Buffet is the largest of its kind and a long-time favorite ready to impress. It’s also easily one of the most famous restaurants known for its high-end a la carte meals, just in a buffet style. 

Open daily for dinner, Bacchanal recently underwent several million-dollar renovations. And they’ve reimaged the restaurant with a more nature-focused design that uses glass and stone to create welcoming spaces like ice caves and mountains. So now it capitalizes perfectly on the bold uniqueness of Caesar’s Palace.

Still, Bacchanal is and was also known for its size. And coming in at a whopping 25,000+ SQ FT, it’s enormous. This size lets it feature 9 major kitchens with dozens of cuisines ranging from American, Mediterranean, Chinese, Laotian, Filipino, Mexican, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, and even Vietnamese dishes. Together, you’ll find over a hundred prepared bites to indulge in global flavors from their specialty chefs. Expect anything from Roman-style pizza, sushi, dim sum, prime rib, king crab legs, dry-rubbed smoked ribs, street tacos, and many more. They also have many originals, like duck carnitas quesadillas, turmeric grilled baby octopus, and chipotle bourbon BBQ oysters. 

Unlike competitors, Bacchanal also excels in its vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. And it’s easily the best choice in this aspect. While for desserts, they have an extensive mouth-watering selection. Expect options like gelatos, crepes, lava cakes, and even soufflé. But, like others, Bacchanal also has an all-you-can-drink package available, featuring mimosas, beer, sangria, and champagne.  


So there you have it. You now have a list of the best buffets in Vegas and the top options to keep that belly full, satisfied, and coming back for seconds.