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Atomic Liquors is a historic bar located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Its historical significance stems from being one of the oldest freestanding bars in the city and its connection to the atomic testing era.

Situated in downtown Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors has a rich history that dates back to its opening in 1945 as the “Atomic Cocktail Lounge,” just after World War II. The bar’s name was later changed to “Atomic Liquors” to reflect its association with the atomic testing conducted at the nearby Nevada Test Site during the mid-20th century. This unique historical context made the bar a popular gathering spot for both locals and visiting celebrities who sought to witness atomic blasts from a safe distance.

The interior of Atomic Liquors exudes a mid-century charm that harks back to its early days. Vintage decor and memorabilia from the atomic era adorn the space, creating a nostalgic and distinctive ambiance.

The bar offers an array of beverages, including classic cocktails, craft beers, and modern selections, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

What sets Atomic Liquors apart is its role as a cultural touchstone. Beyond serving as a typical bar, it holds a special place in history as a site where people congregated to observe atomic tests during the Cold War period. This historical significance, coupled with its name and connection to a pivotal era, draws history enthusiasts, tourists, and locals alike.



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